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Mark Wagner and Joe Johnson aim to please the palate. Mark, our director of dining services, and Joe, our executive chef, are dedicated to whipping up a variety of tasty and nutritious buffet-style foods for you and your fellow students to enjoy.

Both men worked at Cucina, the highly regarded Kohler Co. restaurant, for more than a decade before bringing their collective talent, experience and imagination to Lakeland.

Says Mark, who has created fine cuisine at Lakeland for 12 years: “At least 75 percent of the food we prepare is directly driven by what our students want. We talk one-on-one with them daily.”

So interactive are the relationships between Mark, Joe and our students, Lakeland’s chefs have been known to borrow treasured family recipes and prepare students’ favorite meals. In addition, Mark and Joe work closely with students and their families to offer gluten-free and allergy-safe fare.

Those are just a couple of ways Mark, Joe and the rest of our friendly, dedicated staff strive to make you feel at home. There are many other aspects of Lakeland Dining that make us a cut above other colleges. Among them:

  • A collection of homemade soups, including the popular chicken dumpling and tomato
  • Fresh in-season produce from four local farmers
  • Renowned Johnsonville brats a handful of times each semester
  • Locally produced desserts from an area bakery
  • Vegetarian options for every mealtime
  • A week-long “no-fry zone,” during which healthier options are offered
  • “Creative Cuisine,” special meals staff members produce in front of students
  • Fruit such as melon, strawberries and grapes available with every meal
  • A salad bar that includes iceberg and romaine lettuce, as well as spinach
  • A wide assortment of baked fish
  • Five different flavors of Gatorade and six different types of juice (orange, apple, grape, strawberry kiwi, strawberry banana and cranberry), plus milk, various sodas and water

    In addition to the vast array of Lakeland Dining offerings, the Muskie Grill serves up more than 50 fast-food options such as burgers and sandwiches. The Daily Grind, a popular campus hangout, sells coffee, lattes, smoothies and other beverages. Brand new to the Daily Grind is the Daily Scoop, which serves various imaginative flavors of ice cream in a cone or cup.

    “We don’t bring anything subpar to the table,” says Mark. “The benchmark we have set here is much higher than at most colleges. I don’t know of too many that offer the quality and variety we do.”


      Favorite Meals

      Listed below are just some of the most popular meals created by the student-centric Lakeland Dining staff:

          • Sizzling salad – Fresh lettuce served with grilled beef and/or chicken and toppings and homemade buttermilk ranch dressing
          • “Big-as-your-head” burrito night – A filling, tasty meal
          • Steak, crab and shrimp night – Tenderloin steak with crab legs and butterfly shrimp (FYI, this doesn't happen very often, but when it does get there early!!!)
          • Walking tacos – Delicious combination of ground beef and toppings in a corn chip bag
          • Specialty pizza night – Large variety of creative, homemade pies
          • Hot dog bar – Add chili, cheese and whatever else you want to build one creative dog
          • Design your own omelet – Our chefs start with eggs and add what you ask them to
          • Design your own sub – You choose the meat, cheese and other condiments; we build it
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      Meal Plans

      Lakeland College's Award-Winning Dining Services offers a wide selection of meal plans as well as a large and verse selection of food! The meal plans, in descending order are, 200, 150, 100, 75, and Commuter. Each meal plan consists of Lakeland Dining Meals, Flex Meals, and Muskie Money. You will notice that as the number of Lakeland Dining/Flex meals decreases, the included Muskie Money increases. Once you have selected a Lakeland College Meal Plan, it will automatically be loaded into your One Card Account and used through your Campus Card. But first, let's define the terms:

          • Campus Card is your Lakeland College Identification Card. It is used for admission to and for purchases in all dining facilities. If you lose your card, please immediately report it at the Campus Card Office or call x6587 (after hours email ) and your card will be deactivated to protect any funds you have in your account(s). A new card can be issued during office hours. There is a $10 replacement fee if you need a new card. If you find your previous Campus Card, hang on to it. Your card can always be reactivated at no charge!
          • One Card Account is the account that your Campus Card is linked to. Your account consists of the following: Meals, Flex Meals, a General Account, and a Muskie Money Account
          • Lakeland Dining Meals are those which may be used in the main dining hall - Bossard Hall. Lakeland Dining is an "all you care to eat" facility where a Campus Card meal scan allows you to eat as much as you want at each meal. Food may not be taken out of the dining room (except for Grab and Go meals). You may use these for a breakfast combo in The Daily Grind as well. In keeping with our Sustainability Program, we ask students to eat all they take so food is not wasted.
          • Flex Meals are regular meals with a flexible twist. They were designed to allow students to have a meal even outside of Lakeland Dining hours or to treat a guest to a meal if they wish. Students may use Flex Meals (during posted hours) in the Muskie Grill, The Daily Grind, The Pub or in place of a Lakeland Dining Meal. Use your Campus Card to make Flex Meal choices.
          • Muskie Money is the next component of the meal plans. It is an amount of money placed in a "debit account" for food purchases in the Muskie Mart, Muskie Grill, The Daily Grind, and The Pub. This debit money may be used at any time those locations are open. You cannot add money to this account nor will unused money be refunded.
          • The "General Account" is a voluntary debit card program which may be used in all dining venues. Money left in your General Account may be refunded at any time in the Business Office, WAK, First Floor.

      Lakeland Dining Meals and Flex Meals left over at the end of each semester do not carry over to the next semester. Muskie Money left over from Fall Semester or Spring Semester will carry over through May Term, but are forfeit at the end of May Term. Based on the Spring Semester meal plan, a pro-rated number of meals only is automatically entered into the student's account for those attending May Term classes.

          • THE 200 MEAL PLAN
            • 150 Lakeland Dining Meals
            • 50 Flex Meals
            • $220 in Muskie Money
            • Cost For Plan: $2,170.00*
          • THE 150 MEAL PLAN
            • 110 Lakeland Dining Meals
            • 40 Flex Meals
            • $350 in Muskie Money
            • Cost For Plan: $1,995.00*
          • THE 100 MEAL PLAN
            • 75 Lakeland Dining Meals
            • 25 Flex Meals
            • $525 in Muskie Money
            • Cost For Plan: $1,735.00*
            • 60 Lakeland Dining Meals
            • 15 Flex Meals
            • $570 in Muskie Money
            • Cost For Plan: $1,540.00*
            • 20 Lakeland Dining Meals
            • 15 Flex Meals
            • $270 in Muskie Money
            • Cost For Plan: $655.00*

      * Prices are subject to change

      All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan.

      If you use your entire selected meal plan up before the end of the semester, we offer discounted Meal Packages for purchase in the Business Office, WAK, First Floor.

      For more information regarding additional meal packages or how the Meal Plans work, feel free to contact the Campus Card Office at 920-565-1030 Ex. 2246 or

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