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Lakeland’s Office of Information Technology is committed to providing you and all members of our Lakeland community with the best, timeliest technology-based service possible.

Our staff takes great pride in helping maintain an efficient, productive campus by, among other things:

  • Providing effective and prompt technology support for computer, multimedia and web-based applications and services to all areas of the college.
  • Promoting and facilitating the effective integration of technology through planning, programming, training, consulting and other support-based activities.
  • Develop, enhance and manage Lakeland’s networks to provide high-speed, transparent and highly functional connectivity.
  • Developing and maintaining highly effective, reliable, secure and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions.
  • Facilitating the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access.
  • Promoting new uses of information technology within the institution.
  • Providing leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology.

In addition, numerous IT employment and internship opportunities are available for Lakeland College students.


Desktop and Laptop Services

  • Free computer software installation
  • Free virus and spyware cleaning
  • Free hardware repair
  • Professional Consulting for new computer purchasing

"My experiences with IT have been very helpful and resourceful. They have helped me with everything as far as cleaning my laptops hardrive, deleting viruses, and even giving me an ethernet cord for better internet connection. It's great to have IT on campus, and it keeps us students from spending a lot of money on getting our computers fixed somewhere else that would charge us an arm and a leg. However, one thing that can and should be approved is the WiFi connection on campus."-LeShay Jones

"The IT department was efficient and friendly. My computer was fixed and updated faster than if I would have gone to Best Buy. I am very appreciative for the IT staff and their friendliness when I needed their help.- Aimee If you would like to use a photo please use the picture of me they have posted for SAAC president. If you can't access that let me know and I will get it to you. I don't want my ID picture used."-Aimee Thrune

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Internship Opportunities

  • Earn college credit while interning for 150 hours
  • Develop self-directed computer project
  • Learn computer skills beyond the text book
  • Gain valuable work experience

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Student Employment

  • Learn hands-on computer skills
  • Work hours before semester starts
  • Work during vacation breaks and summers
  • Discover broad range computer science disciplines
  • Increase interactive communications skills

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