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60th Lakeland University Music Camp

The 60th Annual Lakeland University Music Camp dates are July 24 to July 30, 2016 – and once again we will provide an exciting one week camp featuring band, choir, orchestra and piano.

You can register for the music camp a variety of ways:

  1. If you are paying in full and with a credit card, you can register online (see form below)
  2. If you are paying by check, or making a partial payment (for example, you might be expecting a music scholarship from your local music boosters or similar organization), you can register by downloading and mailing in our paper application (see form below).
  3. If you are a Lakeland Faculty/Staff member registering your child or grandchild for camp, or a Lakeland Music Camp Staff member registering a child or grandchild for camp, you can register by downloading and mailing in our Faculty/Staff paper application (see form below).

2016 Camp Brochure, Poster, Information, and Paper Applications

Download our 2016 Music Camp poster
Download our 2016 Music Camp brochure
Download our 2016 Paper Application
Download our 2016 Lakeland University Faculty/Staff/Camp Staff Application
Download our 2016 Health Form
Download our 2016 Waiver Form
Download our 2016 Honors Recital Registration Form
Download our 2016 Camp Courses and Schedule Guide
Download our 2016 Camp Information

We hope to see you all for this exciting week in 2016!

Contact us: or (920) 565-1000 ext. 2875 or via email at

Online Application Registration Information
Primary/large ensembles

All students must play in one large ensemble (bands, choirs, string orchestra or piano)


All students will participate in two electives. Please rank your top 4 options, number 1 to 4, please include at least two classroom (marked with a "C") options.

Please read the information guide as for the requirements for elective classes as some need special equipment or you will need to bring another instrument. When you choose certain electives, please type in what instrument or voice you'll be playing/singing below.

Camp Band/Camp Choir

All students will also perform in a very large "Camp Choir" or "Camp Band." These are ensembles of approximately 150 students each. Students need to choose one. All staff participate as well. Please indicate which you would like to perform with.

(Note: Pianists are encouraged to select Camp Choir, or if they also play a band/orchestra instrument they can choose Camp Band; String Orchestra members are welcome to play their string instrument in the Camp Band or sing with the Camp Choir; Vocalists and Band members can select either group)


Last day to register for camp is July 13.

  Before June 1June 1 - July 13After July 13
Resident $425 $500 $550
Commuter $325 $425 $475

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