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Library instruction

Library instruction: For your class, organization or event, request a library instruction session. A variety of options are available: basic tour of library, using the library's databases, critically evaluating information, the ethical use of information and more. Traditional undergraduate faculty contact Ann Penke to schedule. Kellett faculty contact Teresa Grimm.

Meet with a librarian

Meet with a librarian: If you're new to Lakeland or would like an update on what's available, contact a librarian for an individualized meeting. Librarians can also help with designing assignments that utilize the resources of Lakeland's John Esch library.

Customized library handout

Customized library handout: A librarian can develop a handout just for your class to highlight information resources relevant to your class or a particular assignment. Contact Teresa Grimm at (920) 565-1035 or email her at . A minimum of two weeks preparation time is needed.

Linking to library resources

Linking to library resources: Search the library databases for articles, case studies, news stories and more to supplement your textbook. Follow these directions to provide students with an easy to use link to the item.

Blackboard discussion

Blackboard discussion, a librarian & you: invite a librarian into your Blackboard discussion group. When your students are undertaking a research project, ask a librarian to join your Blackboard discussion group to share research tips. Contact Teresa Grimm at (920) 565-1039 or email her at .

Proctoring tests

Proctoring tests: The library staff will proctor tests in the library. Contact the library at (920) 565-1238 to arrange a proctor. A minimum of one week notice is required.

Putting items on reserve

Putting items on reserve: Traditional undergraduate faculty can contact Ann Penke, library director, about putting items on reserve. Items on reserve are available at the library front desk and are for use in the library.

Video and DVD collection

Video/DVD Collection: The library has a collection of over 700 videos and DVDs available for faculty checkout on the Sheboygan campus. To search for a particular title or subject, use EasiCat or review this list (PDF, 487 KB).

Purchase recommendation

Purchase recommendation: You are vital to maintaining a quality library collection. As the curriculum changes or new resources become available in your area of expertise, we would love to hear from you. To recommend items for purchase, please contact Ann Penke, Library Director.

Copyright questions

Copyright questions: The American Library Association has a wonderful site that addresses copyright issues. It can be found at Copyright questions can also be directed to Ann Penke at (920) 565-1242.

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