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October 8, 2015 In Lakeland College Blog
An idea published in the Lakeland College Mirror by student Benjamin Wilks has blossomed into an aesthetically pleasing display at the John Esch Library. Earlier this week, the library unveiled its Student Art in the Library gallery, a showcase for the work of four artistically gifted Lakeland students. "The art enhances our library in a very student-centric way, and it allows our talented students to share their work with each other and perhaps even inspire each other," said Joe Pirillo,…
October 2, 2015 In Lakeland College Blog
For Libby DeClark and Karen Hjelle, waiting for the biopsy results was the hardest part. Fortunately, both Lakeland College soccer players are OK. The lumps that were surgically removed from their breasts last spring were benign. But it was an alarming time for both young women. On Saturday afternoon at 3:30, Lakeland’s women’s soccer team and Prevea Health will honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month when the Muskies host Benedictine University for the “Kicking out Cancer” game. Pink Muskies United T-shirts…
September 30, 2015 In Lakeland College Blog
Lakeland College welcomed 120 Kohler High School freshmen and sophomores to campus Tuesday morning for a fast-paced, half-day learning experience. The students visited six educational stations, then interacted with two successful Lakeland graduates and ate a pasta buffet lunch before returning to Kohler. Each student spent 10-15 minutes at the following stations: * Performing arts with Charlie Krebs, Lakeland’s associate professor of theatre and speech. * Residence life with Liz Pritzl, residence hall director. * Business administration with Brett Killion,…
September 11, 2015 In Lakeland College Blog
Mai Neng Yang was discouraged. Married with three children at the time, she woke up one day after a few hours of sleep and concluded she didn’t have the mental energy to continue as a full-time Lakeland College student. “I had one of those moments,” she recalls now, seven years later, while sitting in her clean, sun-lit office at Sargento Foods. “I felt like I just couldn’t go to school while trying to be ‘Super Mom’ as well as a…
September 9, 2015 In Lakeland College Blog
Christine Krause was working full time at a bank, tackling eight or nine credit hours a semester through Lakeland’s Milwaukee Center and singing in a band on weekends to supplement her income. “That meant rehearsals during the week, too,” she says. “Looking back now, I have no idea how I did it.” She did it, alright, graduating magna cum laude from Lakeland in 1991 with degrees in business administration and accounting, then co-founding what is now one of Wisconsin’s most…
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