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June 6, 2014 In Lakeland College Blog
Today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, when U.S. forces hit the beaches of Normandy in northern France and helped change the course of World War II and modern history. Lakeland's Chase Science Center is name for Lucius P. Chase, a longtime member of the college's board of trustees and a man who played a significant role in D-Day history. An officer in the U.S. Army, Chase was a member of General Dwight Eisenhower's staff that helped plan…
June 2, 2014 In Lakeland College Blog
Check out this feature about Lakeland's own Irvin Colon on the website! Irvin is a dreamer. After graduating from Lakeland College this fall, he hopes to travel the world, find a successful accounting job and continue to nurture his love of theater. As a trilingual international business major who has performed in eight college theater productions, it seems he has what it takes to achieve these dreams. However, six years ago, Irvin had never even considered going to college. "My…
June 2, 2014 In Lakeland College Blog
Seven Sheboygan area financial planners/advisors recently spent a morning at Lakeland College, providing students from Brett Killion's personal finance management class with a one-on-one look at the profession. The visitors helped cap off Lakeland's intensive Mayterm class by dividing up more than two dozen Lakeland students and meeting with them individually. They gave advice about investing and any other facet of personal finance management the students wanted to discuss. "These professionals meet with hundreds of clients a year, and they…
May 30, 2014 In Lakeland College Blog
This classroom had no air conditioning, and the biting pests were a bit of a problem. But that's what you get when your classroom is actually a tropical forest. Paul Pickhardt's BIO 400 tropical biology course recently returned from the Central American country of Belize, where five Lakeland College students engaged in 15 days of the most hands-on learning imaginable. It was the fourth time since 2008 that this every-other-year educational excursion has taken place. Last week, back in the…
May 28, 2014 In Lakeland College Blog
One student explained how a plant native to Belize can neutralize malaria. Another student blended diesel fuel with multiple forms of biodiesel from household oil, then used the various combinations in a tractor. And another tested the healing power of nitrous oxide on wounded frogs.   In all, eight Lakeland College chemistry and biochemistry seniors capped off their CHM 495 Senior Project course with riveting presentations on various high-level experiments they conceived last fall and carried out during the school…
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