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February 23, 2016 In Lakeland College Blog
On Mothers’ Day weekend in May, Lakeland College graduate Trisha (De Young) Harris will join her husband, Jim, on a road trip to Nashville, Tenn., to continue a friendship that has attracted national attention. There, the couple and their hosts will share laughs – and quite possibly shed tears. “The Bradfords have become family,” says Trisha, who graduated in 2004 with a degree in sociology and a minor in criminal justice. “We are now two families brought together by the…
February 22, 2016 In Lakeland College Blog
Thanks in part to 12 committed Lakeland College students, Girl Scout Cookies are being distributed to customers all over Sheboygan this week. Eight members of the Pi Kappa Gamma sorority and four Lakeland volleyball players braved frigid conditions for more than two hours last week to help distribute more than 50,000 boxes of the famous cookies to the girls and their families. “We couldn’t have done it without them,” said Sheboygan Girl Scout Community Cookie Manager Rachael Brashaw of the…
February 22, 2016 In Lakeland College Blog
An enthusiastic group of advanced biology students from Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah spent more than three hours at Lakeland College on Thursday afternoon, working with Associate Professor of Biology Greg Smith. The students, who are enrolled in a dual-credit BIO 111 (Life Science I) class at their high school, experimented in Lakeland’s laboratories with recombinant DNA technology. “Basically, we cut and spliced DNA to make new combinations,” Smith explained. “We isolated and purified DNA samples, cut them at specific sequences and visualized…
February 18, 2016 In Lakeland College Blog
Austin Anderson has always felt a deep connection to passenger trains. “I consider myself an old-fashioned person,” says the Lakeland College senior. “I think half the fun of getting somewhere should be in the journey itself. But we’ve kind of lost that concept with modern travel.” A New Holstein, Wis., native, Anderson is majoring in writing at Lakeland. Ever since he arrived, he has expressed a strong desire to craft a magazine feature article about passenger trains. Now he has…
February 17, 2016 In Lakeland College Blog
Kelsey Raasch knew something was terribly wrong. Her mother, Tonya, was coughing up blood, struggling to eat and feeling run down. The initial diagnosis was pneumonia, but more than two months later, Tonya felt worse. “I took her to the ER at St. Elizabeth’s in Appleton,” says Kelsey, a Lakeland College senior from Clintonville, Wis., majoring in biology. “It took them only 20 minutes to discover that my mom had Stage Four lung cancer.” Tonya battled through more than a…
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