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Lakeland College graduate Olena Mykhaylova ’02 was the featured speaker at Thursday’s well-attended Opening Convocation, which annually serves as the official start to the college’s academic year.

Olena, who left Lakeland with a triple major (economics, chemistry and math), is an assistant professor of economics in the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond in Virginia. She holds a master of arts and a doctorate in economics from Georgetown University.

During her 25-minute talk, Olena urged Lakeland’s students to make the most of their time, participate in extra-curricular activities, interact with Lakeland’s many international students and, most importantly, work hard not to be average.

Following Olena to the podium was Lakeland President Dan Eck, who offered students some simple advice: Take care of themselves, take care of others and take care of Lakeland College.


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Building Bridges http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/building-bridges http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/building-bridges Building Bridges

Lakeland's incoming class of freshmen and transfer students spent this past Friday learning firsthand about the college's strong commitment to community service through our annual "Building Bridges" initiative.

The students, sporting bright orange T-shirts, were divided into eight groups and bused to various non-profit organizations around the area. Then they went to work. For two hours, the students performed various tasks at the following locations:

  • Camp Anokijig
  • Camp Evelyn
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Sheboygan County (Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls)
  • Garden of Weedin, which provides fresh produce for Nourish,a group that collaborates with local farmers, organizations and volunteers to create and share fresh, local food with struggling families in the community
  • Above & Beyond Children's Museum
  • The John Michael Kohler ArtsCenter
  • Walla Hi County Park

After their hard work was completed, the newest Muskies were bused to Fireman's Park in Elkhart Lake, where they enjoyed hot ham sandwiches, games, dancing and karaoke until the sun began to set on a great day.


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Introducing Coach Jurek http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/introducing-coach-jurek http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/introducing-coach-jurek Introducing Coach Jurek

Lakeland College head softball coach Hailey Dreyer cares about her players. Just ask 2014 graduate Brittany Jurek, who was weighing career options one day last month when Dreyer nudged her into action.

“She said to me, ‘You are not just hanging around here,’ ” Brittany recalls. “She said, ‘You’re going to sit at this cubicle and fill out applications online.’ She’s an amazing person, and I’m so happy she was my coach.”

One of the many jobs Brittany applied for that day was a full-time softball assistant coaching position at the University of Northwestern Ohio. Despite having no graduate assistant coaching experience, she got the job.

Brittany, who graduated with a degree in sociology and played varsity tennis and softball at Lakeland, moved to Lima, Ohio, last weekend to launch her career.

“I have so many emotions,” she says. “It’s such an awesome opportunity. I’m nervous, but mostly I’m super excited.”

Brittany overcame her lack of coaching experience and impressed Northwestern Ohio head coach Tracy Coffman.

“Coach Coffman told Hailey, ‘To be honest, Brittany started at the bottom of the totem pole, but there was just something about her that made her shoot to the top,’ ” Brittany says.

Armed with her Lakeland education, Brittany navigated the potentially intimidating interview process. Her communication skills, outgoing demeanor and passion for softball and coaching shone through.

“Coach Coffman called me and said, ‘How’d you like to be my assistant?’” Brittany recalls. “I said, ‘absolutely!’”

Brittany says she was never an ultra-vocal leader on the court or field at Lakeland, but always felt she could motivate teammates.

“Being in sociology, I’m drawn to helping others,” she says. “When I was a senior, I found myself helping freshmen adjust, get into college mode.”

Now she’ll be helping young people for a living.

They say if you love your job enough, it will not seem like a job,” she says. “I have such passion for this, it won’t feel like a job.”


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Lakeland connections run deep http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-connections-run-deep http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-connections-run-deep Lakeland connections run deep

When you graduate from Lakeland College, you immediately join a network of successful alumni around the world. And fellow Muskies are happy to step up and help you.

Lakeland grad Tyler Kubicek ’14 recently turned an assist from Lakeland grad Mike Graf ’04 into a rewarding internship that will likely lead to a full-time job.

Tyler loves golf, and he’s good at it. He played for the Muskies, and has a life-best score of 2-under par. He also earned his degree in resort management, so what better place to work at than a golf club?

Tyler contacted Mike, the guest services supervisor for highly regarded Troon Golf in Arizona, and Mike helped Tyler land a guest services internship with Troon property Cordillera Valley Club in Edwards, Colo.

“I’ll be here until the end of October,” says Tyler. “After that, my plan is to transfer to a full-time position in either Arizona or California.”

His internship involves a little bit of everything, from cleaning clubs and carts to helping with the many logistics that keep a golf club operation running smoothly. He’s also getting in some great golf in picturesque Colorado, and he recently blasted his first-ever 400-yard drive.

Down the road, there is opportunity to give lessons, and perhaps someday even fulfill his life goal.

“My dream is to own my own golf course,” says Tyler. “Troon is a great company. It’s the world’s largest golf management company and the world’s largest third-party private club management group. I can learn so much.”

Tyler came to Lakeland from Madison, one of Wisconsin’s biggest and busiest cities, and the transition has helped him grow.

“It was very different at Lakeland, obviously, but it was great for me,” says Tyler. “I feel like the Lakeland community was closer than the one I came from, and being at Lakeland helped me grow up. I used to be really shy and reserved. At Lakeland, I really came out of my shell.”


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Representing Lakeland! http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/representing-lakeland http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/representing-lakeland Representing Lakeland!

Jamie Fait and Annelies Slack have never met, but the two Lakeland College graduate students have quite a bit in common.

Both women realized during long teaching careers that they tend to gravitate toward helping children deal with real-life issues, and that counseling young people is their calling. As a result, both are seeking their Master of Arts in Counseling degree at Lakeland – Jamie in school counseling and Annelies in community counseling.

In addition, Jamie and Annelies are so passionate about Lakeland College, they serve as representatives for two prestigious state associations.

Jamie has been chosen as the graduate student rep for Lakeland with the Wisconsin School Counseling Association, while Annelies is Lakeland’s graduate student liaison to the Wisconsin Counseling Association.

“I’m really excited,” Annelies says. “I’ve always liked being involved in groups such as the Wisconsin Music Association, and I’m hoping I represent Lakeland well.”

Jamie is looking forward to the annual WSCA conference and the graduate rep quarterly meetings where she will meet with other graduate school counseling reps. “I think it will be great,” Jamie says.

Jamie and Annelies are examples of the impact Lakeland’s counseling students are having on the broader field of professional counseling industry.

“Our graduate students are really involved,” says Deb Bilzing, director of Lakeland’s counseling program. “It’s nice to know that when we send out notices about representing us with these great associations, we draw such interest. Of course, it is also a great item for our students to put on their resumes, and the opportunity to network is a bonus.”

Jamie and Annelies are shining examples of Lakeland pride. Here is a closer look at these two remarkable Muskies:

Jamie’s story

After earning her degree in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 11 years ago, the Sheboygan Falls, Wis., native launched a successful career as a middle school math teacher.

“I just finished my 10th year,” she says. “I love it, but I have always found myself gravitating toward helping students with outside-of-the-classroom issues they’re dealing with. School Counseling just seems like a great fit for me.”

So a couple of years ago, she chose Lakeland College for graduate school because of its flexibility and the BlendEd course format. BlendEd allows students, on a week-to-week basis, to attend class either online or face-to-face depending on their schedule and other life commitments. After taking classes at the Green Bay Center (while she taught in Kewaunee), she now attends the Sheboygan Center a couple of nights a week and is closing in on her master’s. Given the fact she’s got three kids under the age of 6, Lakeland’s flexibility is incredibly important to her.

“The way Lakeland schedules its classes and the summer offerings are a huge draw for me,” says Jamie, who now commutes from West Bend or participates online. “I really like BlendEd because teaching full time and having three small children, it makes it so much easier for me to complete my coursework. And of course, growing up in Sheboygan Falls, I always knew about Lakeland’s great reputation.”

As Jamie looks back on her decision to leave the county for her undergraduate degree, she has no regrets. But she’s thrilled to be at Lakeland now, more than a decade later.

“Coming out of high school, I wanted to spread my wings and become my own person, away from my parents,” she says. “But as you grow up, you find yourself coming back, closer and closer to home.

“The sense of community I feel at Lakeland College is awesome. It’s been such a huge positive for me.”

Annelies’s story

During a 10-year music teaching career working with students from kindergarten through high school, Annelies Slack has realized that advising young people and supporting them emotionally is the most rewarding part of her job.

“But as a music teacher, I don’t really feel like it is my place,” she says.

So, she’s back in school, and is finishing up her master’s in community counseling at Lakeland’s Chippewa Valley Center near her home in Eau Claire.

Annelies, a self-described people person, says she enjoys her fellow students and Lakeland’s instructors, and appreciates the fact that the instructors have real-world counseling experience.

“I chose Lakeland because of the flexibility,” she says. “The night classes are a lot easier for my lifestyle. I prefer being in class, but I have used the BlendEd options as well.”

Lakeland is one of 12 graduate schools in Wisconsin to offer a Master’s of Counseling degree that is also approved for licensure by both the Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Safety and Professional Services. 

For more information about the M.A.C. program, visit lakeland.edu/MAC.


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Exciting times for proud Lakeland College grad Caitlin Brotz http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/exciting-times-for-lakeland-grad-caitlin-brotz http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/exciting-times-for-lakeland-grad-caitlin-brotz Caitlin poses with Sheboygan Mayor Mike Vandersteen, who visited her store on Tuesday.

These are exciting times indeed for proud Lakeland College graduate and successful Sheboygan entrepreneur Caitlin Brotz, the founder and owner of Olivü 426.

On Aug. 22-23, Olivü’s signature anti-aging/moisturizing serum and lip balm will be included in “swag bags” for 90 celebrities and nearly a dozen major media representatives attending the Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills.

On Monday, Milwaukee TV station TMJ4 visited Caitlin’s boutique to film a segment for an upcoming piece, and on Tuesday, Sheboygan Mayor Mike Vandersteen swung by to say hello and congratulate Caitlin on her success.

“It’s been a bit overwhelming, but overwhelming in a good way,” says Caitlin. “Right now it’s destination unknown for us. Things are happening fast.”

Caitlin, who graduated from Lakeland in 2005 with a degree in business administration, says her time at the college helped shaped her into the business professional she is today.

“Oh my goodness, Lakeland has played a huge role in my life,” she says, smiling as she points out the school’s pennant hanging in her store. “All of the classes I took there help me make the important decisions I make every day. The writings skills, Lakeland gave me those, and I use those skills while corresponding with other business professionals on a regular basis.”

And then there’s public speaking. Caitlin is poised in front of a video camera, a reporter’s pen or a classroom full of current Lakeland students. She was a guest of the college at a business colloquium this past spring.

“I remember the first time I spoke in front of a group at Lakeland  I was so nervous,” she recalls. “But today, I get up in front of so many people and groups and I am comfortable.”

Olivü 426, which opened in 2006, is located at 511 N. Eighth St. in Sheboygan. Brotz and five other employees sell a plethora of all-natural face and body care products, including its anti-aging face serum and its well-known variety of lip balms and soaps. Long popular in the Sheboygan area, Olivü products have taken off nationally and around the world via brisk online sales and word-of-mouth publicity. Caitlin’s creations are hand-made, hand-poured, hand-bottled and even hand-labeled.

Since a recent feature article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Caitlin has noticed a significant increase in customers from the Milwaukee area. Olivü’s customers will soon be able to purchase products directly from the store’s Facebook page. Olivü’s products are also available at www.olivu426.com.

Caitlin is working hard to stay a step ahead of her company’s growth. Recently, she rented out the space above her store, and she now has her own office and a large area in which to create products. With more and more customers in the quaint, lovingly decorated store, it gets crowded when employees are trying to make and sell products at the same time.

She doesn’t know how big Olivü will get, but Caitlin is enjoying the ride. And when she thinks of how far she’s come since leaving the University of Oregon her freshman year, she’s thankful she landed at Lakeland.

“Lakeland allows you to play such big roles in so many different ways,” she says. “When I was at Oregon as a freshman, I felt so lost. The thing bigger schools lack is that fostering of the desire to be a unique, outstanding individual. At big places like that, you’re just a little fish in a big pond.

“But once you go to Lakeland and start to feel like a big fish, that feeling never leaves you.”



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"Lakeland has always been there for me" http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-has-always-been-there-for-me http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-has-always-been-there-for-me

Monica Smith’s path to a Lakeland College master’s degree was more winding than most, but certainly no less rewarding.

She has an interesting tale to tell, a story that reinforces the notion that it’s never too late to challenge oneself through higher education.

“Lakeland College has given me so much,” says Monica, 60. “Actually, Lakeland College has given me my life. I owe Lakeland for nearly everything.”

Talk to Monica on the phone, and you’ll feel the buzz of her energy. Life is good these days for this successful woman who, in 2003, earned her Lakeland bachelor’s degree with a double major in business administration and marketing –then followed it up with her master of business administration in 2009.

“Lakeland has always been there for me,” she says. “It’s such an awesome college. It’s so underrated and wonderful, a breath of fresh air in our society.”

Monica, retired after a 20-year career at American Family Insurance corporate headquarters in Madison, is currently an adjunct instructor for Lakeland. She teaches classes at the Madison center, and also serves as the passionate supervisor for the Town of Windsor.

It’s been about 42 years since Monica graduated from Madison East High School. She got married shortly thereafter and started a family, but felt the pull of higher education. She enrolled in Madison Area Technical College, and chipped away at classes when she could, finally earning her two-year degree in about five years.

She then looked into pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but “they wanted me to take about half the classes over again. I obviously didn’t want to do that.

“But Lakeland said, ‘Yes, we’ll take your credits and help you earn your degree,’” Monica recalls. “I liked hearing that, and I liked the fact that it’s Christian-based.” Lakeland has deep roots with the United Church of Christ.

And so began a lifelong love affair with Lakeland College that continues to this day. She took classes in the Madison center, again at her pace, and she weathered some life challenges, including a divorce. She finally earned her bachelor’s degree 21 years after graduating from high school.

All the while, she was building her career at American Family Insurance, steadily moving up the ladder until ending up in the human resources department planning special events.

After remarrying about eight years after the divorce, Monica was encouraged by her second husband to continue her educational journey. So she did, while continuing to work.

“I loved every minute of going back to school at Lakeland for my master’s,” she says. “A lot of people told me I should get my master’s from a different college than the one I got my bachelor’s from. I did look around, but I just didn’t see the personalization at other colleges that I got from Lakeland. At Lakeland, they sat down with me and went through everything. Lakeland just gives you that personal touch you just don’t get anywhere else. When I went in to talk to the people at Lakeland, they gave me this feeling that this is really all about me. The people at the Madison Center are truly amazing.”

While she preferred attending classes in person in the Madison center, Monica always appreciated the flexibility Lakeland provided and continues to provide now through its innovative BlendEd course format. BlendEd allows students to choose each week whether to attend class for face-to-face instruction or take it online.

These days, life is good for Monica. She relishes spending time with her husband and two grandchildren (ages 10 and 5). And as an adjunct instructor, she continues her lifelong love affair with higher education. This school year, she’ll teach a graduate-level project management course and an undergraduate marketing class.

“My life and my educational journey with Lakeland College go hand-in-hand,” she says. “Lakeland has enriched my life by giving me confidence and knowledge I can share with my family and my community. I have a life full of opportunities. What more can a person ask for?”


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Working for The PGA of America http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/working-for-the-pga-of-america http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/working-for-the-pga-of-america Working for The PGA of America

On a blue-skied, wind-free, remarkably peaceful August morning at world-renowned Whistling Straits Golf Course near Sheboygan, Wis., Lakeland College grad Tess Myklebust peers out over the spectacularly scenic 18th fairway.

With the sun rising fast above this majestic chunk of land, Tess smiles and imagines how different the scene here will be almost exactly one year from now.

“I’m very excited to be a part of something so big,” she says with a smile. “When you work on it day to day, you sometimes don’t realize how big a deal this really is. But it’s going to be incredible.”

Tess will spend the next year helping plan for the 2015 PGA Championship (set for next Aug. 10-16 at Whistling Straits) after recently converting a three-month post-graduate marketing internship with The PGA of America into a full-time job with the organization.

“I really, really want to work in sports as a career, so this is a perfect fit for me,” says Tess, who graduated in May with a double major of marketing and business management and a minor in sports management. “I’m very blessed to have this opportunity. When the championship director asked me to stay on after my internship, it was pretty neat.”

Currently, Tess and the half-dozen other Whistling Straits-based PGA employees are working hard on a final drive to promote pre-registration for tickets – which go on sale to the general public on Aug. 11. This Saturday, she’ll be at Miller Park representing the PGA for a final ticket registration push at a Milwaukee Brewers’ game. Starting in winter, her focus will shift to helping organize the mammoth volunteer component of this global event. Her title will be volunteer operations assistant.

“This will be a diverse experience for me,” she says. “I love what I’m doing and I love being a part of this team. I felt like I belonged my first week. They welcomed me with open arms.”

Tess, a Wisconsin Dells native, arrived at Lakeland to play volleyball. During her time as a Muskie, she was a portrait of academic and athletic success. In April, she earned the prestigious Clarence H. Koehler Senior Award, given each year to the student who best exemplifies Lakeland’s spirit through outstanding academic achievement, engagement in campus activities and commitment.

Her Lakeland experience included internships with Community Bank & Trust and in Lakeland’s communications department, as well as a clerical assistant position for the college’s business administration office. She was a two-time Outstanding Business Student award winner and won the Outstanding Marketing Student award this year.

“The diversity of every facet of Lakeland College was so good for me,” she says. “I learned a lot of different things, and developed a well-rounded view of the world.”

After the 2015 PGA Championship concludes, there are no guarantees for Tess. But over the next 12 months, she will have plenty of chances to showcase her intelligence, work ethic and dedication to teamwork.

“I may have the opportunity to stay on with the PGA, or go somewhere else,” she says. “Or, if nothing else, this will be a great résumé builder and overall experience.”

Tess walks past the bright white-outfit clad caddies waiting for golfers to arrive, and heads to the modest PGA of America trailer parked on a Whistling Straits lot.

It’s gorgeous outside, but there’s lots of work to be done inside. A year, after all, can go by mighty fast.



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LURE: The culmination of 10 weeks http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lure-the-culmination-of-10-weeks http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lure-the-culmination-of-10-weeks LURE: The culmination of 10 weeks

Six Lakeland College students recently concluded 10 weeks of work in the renowned Lakeland Undergraduate Research Experiences (LURE) program, then presented their summer research findings at the Marquette University Undergraduate Research Poster Session in Milwaukee.

The LURE Program provides students with the opportunity to design, conduct, troubleshoot and analyze their own scientific research projects. The poster session at Marquette featured 53 students and a wide range of research projects including biology, chemistry, computer science, sociology and education.

Listed below in bold are the Lakeland students who presented, followed by their faculty mentors and their poster titles:

  • Paul J. Elzinga and Gregory R. Smith – “The Physiological Effects of Compression Hyponesis during Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise”
  • Brandon E. Lee, April A. Arvan and Gregory R. Smith – “Effect of Opposite Gender Spotters on Weightlifting Performance”
  • Vanessa M. Popp, April A. Arvan and Gregory R. Smith – “Physiological Effects of Metronome Tempos on Mid-Distance Running”
  • Emma C. Kazmierski and Gregory R. Smith – “Cloning and Mutagenesis of the Overlapping Genes VPS5 and VAM10 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
  • Brittany Kopp and Gregory R. Smith – “Effects of Melatonin on Rotenone-induced Parkinsonism Models of Drosophila melanogaster”
  • Nwachan Ayoko Nda and Gregory R. Smith – “Analysis of [PSI+] Prion Aggregation using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis and Western Blotting”


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Exciting times for women's soccer http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/exciting-times-for-women-s-soccer http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/exciting-times-for-women-s-soccer Exciting times for women's soccer

Kim Kriese is understandably excited. Just 25 years old, the former college soccer star has been given the keys to Lakeland’s women’s soccer program.

“I’m a little nervous, but I’m confident in my knowledge of the game and how to pass that knowledge along,” she says. “I know I’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but I’m really, really excited.”

She knows recruiting is the lifeblood of any successful program, and establishing strong relationships is the key to great recruiting. One of her core recruiting philosophies is focusing on Sheboygan County student-athletes.

“I want to build the program around local talent,” she says. “You look around this county, and there’s talent all over the place. I want Sheboygan-area kids. I want their parents and grandparents to be able to watch them play right here at Lakeland College.”

Kim is a pioneer, blazing a new trail for Lakeland soccer. The women’s soccer program had a part-time head coach for its first three year, but this marks the first time in the program’s 21-year history that it has its own full-time head coach. For the past two years, Adam Galla ran both the men’s and women’s programs. He will now focus exclusively on the men’s program while Kim takes over the women’s on a full-time basis.

Kim came to Lakeland as a graduate assistant in 2011 after a sensational playing career at Marian University in Fond du Lac. She left Marian after setting school records for matches started (75), goals scored (66) and game-winning goals (18), among other marks. After her senior year, she was named conference Offensive Player of the Year.

She credits Galla for “teaching me the ropes” and mentoring her to the point where she’s ready to run a program. After her two years as a graduate assistant, Kim served last season as a full-time assistant coach.

Lakeland's women's soccer team opens its 2014 season on Aug. 29 at home against Ripon College.

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