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-Keep in mind to always have your resume organized from most recent to least recent. Since employers will only spend about 30 seconds to skim through, you want to have the most important details first and stand out.

- Dates should be lined up and have a unison of font patterns + size.

- Fonts recommended are Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or Verdana.

- Font Size should be no more than 12pt.


Your Resume Should Include:

  1. Header

  • The header should include your name, address, an appropriate e-mail (usually prefer using your school’s email/address so employers can know you are a student) and phone number.

resume header.jpg


2.) Objective/Summary

  • In this section, summarize why you want  the job you are applying for. List skills that you have that you know can benefit the company.

resume objective.jpg

3.) Academics

  • Make sure to include your education in your resume. Include the high school you attended, year of you graduated or expect to graduate--followed by the Month, GPA and ACT/SAT scores aren’t required unless it is recommended, Your school’s city and state including your title or pursuing title (Major(s), Minor(s), diploma, GED..etc).


Academics Resume.jpg

4.) Work Experience

  • If you have any work experiences, it is always recommended to include them. You want to include your work experiences so your employers can see what kind of skills you may have developed or experienced. Make sure to include your position and a short description (1-2 sentences) of your position. Lastly, include the location of your job(s).

resume work ecperience.jpg

5.) Leaderships/Recognitions

  • Include and elaborate on any accomplishments or awards you received. Your resume is where you can brag a little about yourself. By having this category, it shows uniqueness and it gives you a head start competing with other applicants.

resume awards.jpg

6.) Activities/Volunteer Work

  • This section is usually the “back up” category that can boost your chance of getting you your job. Let’s say you have no job experiences, but you may participate in activities/volunteering work; Your employer may be interested in you based on your involvements. Same as the rest of the sections, make sure have the location listed and the term you helped out. This section also express your actions outside your work field.  This is includes any clubs, organizations or volunteer work you’ve done in high school or college.


In conclusion, Resumes should be updated occasionally, whenever something new occurs.  During your Freshmen year in College, it is okay to use High School experiences, but as you level up, your resume should be built usually only during college. Employers won’t care if you did cheerleading in high school, UNLESS you did it in college also, where your dates shows that you are still currently in it. (June 2011-Present). When you get older, you will realize what’s relevant vs. irrelevant.  It is your own resume, and you have the freedom to put whatever experiences on it.  Just be consistent and smart about it.


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Study Habits http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-fun-facts/study-habits http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-fun-facts/study-habits




  1. Don’t cram all your studying into one session

You shouldn’t cram your study sessions into one because it can make you confused on all of the concepts you have learned.  It is best if you only focus on one subject a day.


  1. Know where to study

Knowing where to study is very important because it affects the process in your brain. Your brain can be distracted in many ways. Some people prefer studying alone, in groups, with music or in noisy places, so you need to find what works best for you.


  1. Start with hardest subject

The order of studying really matters. By starting with the hardest subject, your mind will drill in many of the concepts. There is also no time limit on how much you must study. After you’re done studying the hardest subject, you can work your way down and study the easier ones. Your night will end a lot earlier.


  1. Reviewing notes before starting an assignment

Before starting any assignments, you should review and reread your notes. Though you may already know the concepts, it is important to still look over things. The more review, the better it will be in your brain. Organization is also key. If all notes are kept nicely, it can be referred faster.


  1. Managing your Time

Let’s say you are in a sport, club or anything that does not involve school, you have to know your time and schedule. It is important to split up your time when you are available.


  1. Develop a Study Plan

Take advantage of tutors that are offered and teachers that are available. Your actions are the ones that will help you in the future.


  1. Learning the concepts and studying

When studying, it is not just about passing, but to also learn from it. There is a difference between memorization and turning what you learn into knowledge.

  1. Look into the Future

Studying can be a pain, but your future should always be your motivation. When you work hard now, you will be happy later.


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Lakeland grad confident about future at ACUITY http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-grad-confident-about-future-at-acuity http://lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-grad-confident-about-future-at-acuity Lakeland grad Katie Freitag

Sheboygan-based insurance company ACUITY has received plenty of press lately for its U.S.-record 400-foot flag pole and 60-foot by 120-foot American flag.

But long before it erected this sky-scraping tribute, ACUITY earned a reputation as one of the nation's most fantastic places to work.

No wonder 2014 Lakeland College graduate Katie Freitag was so delighted when she had not one, but two different job offers at the same time from ACUITY.

"Honestly, it made me feel really great, the fact that such an amazing company offered me two different positions," said Freitag, who graduated in May after majoring in business management and minoring in psychology. "I was ecstatic, having the opportunity to choose from two great opportunities at such an amazing company right out of college."

Freitag, from Kiel, Wis., accepted a commercial underwriter position over a customer service claims representative offer. She began ACUITY's intense training program in mid-June.

"It's well known that ACUITY treats its employees very well," she says. "And the training is outstanding. They really want us to know our stuff before we get out into the field. I will complete a 10-week training process, and after that, I will have three months of mentoring, where I work with someone and learn from them."

Freitag said her Lakeland College experience prepared her for the demanding ACUITY interview process. While a student, she earned an internship at global company Curt Joa in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Her duties there included high-level data entry, matching part numbers with project proposals and performing other logistical duties.

On campus, Freitag completed her senior season with the Muskies volleyball team and absorbed new knowledge during her final year of classes.

"I think Lakeland does a wonderful job preparing students for life after college," Freitag says. "Since it's a liberal arts school, you take a lot of different classes and learn many different things. And the career services staff really helps out with resumes, phone interviews, internships and other helpful tools to succeed in the real world.

"I interviewed at Acuity feeling very confident. Being involved in many different things at Lakeland helped me get to know lots of people. Volleyball was huge for me, because of the teamwork and leadership aspects. I used volleyball examples to answer questions during my interviews.

"I really loved my time at Lakeland. I developed great relationships and grew as a person. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing."

larosees [AT] lakeland [DOT] edu (Eric LaRose) Lakeland College Blog Fri, 27 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0500