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An idea published in the Lakeland College Mirror by student Benjamin Wilks has blossomed into an aesthetically pleasing display at the John Esch Library.

Earlier this week, the library unveiled its Student Art in the Library gallery, a showcase for the work of four artistically gifted Lakeland students.

"The art enhances our library in a very student-centric way, and it allows our talented students to share their work with each other and perhaps even inspire each other," said Joe Pirillo, Lakeland's reference librarian. "It is nice to see such beautiful talent adding to the environment of our library."

Pirillo came up with the idea to affix student art to the library's walls last spring after reading a column by Wilks in the Lakeland Mirror newspaper. In the column, Wilks lamented the fact that Lakeland has many talented artists, but the college has been reluctant to showcase that work around campus.

This fall's gallery features the work of four student artists: Anna Colon, Scott Hayes, Nicole Holstein and Chloe Kiersch (a student who attends the Fox Cities Center in Neenah). For a look at their work, or to learn how you can participate, visit the Lakeland library website. All students, regardless of their major, are invited to submit artwork for consideration.


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Art students' best work from school year on display at Bradley https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/art-students-best-work-from-school-year-on-display-at-bradley https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/art-students-best-work-from-school-year-on-display-at-bradley Art students' best work from school year on display at Bradley

More than 375 top-notch pieces of art were unveiled in the Bradley Gallery on Friday afternoon during the opening of the 2014-15 Lakeland College Student Art Exhibition.

The event began with a “wearable art” demonstration, then moved on to the awards.

Winning “Best in Show” was December graduate Katie LaPlaunt’s oil painting, “Still Life.” The other big winner was Nate Prosser, who captured the “People’s Choice” award (voted on by those who attended Friday’s show) with his oil painting, “Several Eyes.”

Taking runner-up honors in the “Best in Show” category was Renjie Amis Zhou for an oil painting. Third place went to Alexa Yang for a two-dimensional design acrylic painting.

Earning honorable mention recognition were LaPlaunt for a different oil painting, Justine Watson for printmaking, Vang for a three-dimensional design plaster carving and Zhou for digital photography.

The show will be on display until May 21.The Bradley Gallery is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, when the college is in session.

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Artistic talent on display https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/artistic-talent-on-display https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/artistic-talent-on-display Artistic talent on display

Three talented Lakeland College art students from Sheboygan presented their work to dozens of peers, family members and supporters when their Senior Art Student Portfolio Exhibition opened at the Bradley Theatre last week.

Alhanna LaRose, Tarah Johnson and Breanna Weber spoke about their experiences in Lakeland’s art program, and answered questions from members of the audience. The exhibit will be on display through March 30.

LaRose, who is majoring in art with a graphic art emphasis, said comics drawing is her passion. She explained to the audience how one of her multi-panel comics depicting two birds symbolized the different life paths she and a friend had taken.

Johnson, also majoring in art with a graphic arts emphasis, became emotional when discussing how far she’s come as a student and person. Her stellar photography depicted many of Lakeland’s current students.

And Weber, who is majoring in art with a graphic art emphasis, discussed her love of cars and animals. Her photos ranged from shots she’s taken for the Sheboygan Humane Society to spectacular pictures of beautiful cars.

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Art student featured at local gallery https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/art-student-featured-at-local-gallery https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/art-student-featured-at-local-gallery Art student featured at local gallery

Lakeland College senior art major Renjie Zhou is showcasing his work in a public exhibit at the StoreFront Gallery and Studio in Sheboygan Falls.

One of the owners of StoreFront Gallery and Studio attended the Lakeland fall art show that Zhou was featured in, and asked him if he wanted to display his artwork in her gallery.

“I know it's a small gallery, but that's my first public show,” said Zhou, a native of China. “It means a lot to me.”

The exhibit is scheduled to run until March 8.

“I used to see myself as an art student,” said Zhou. “But now, I think I can see myself as a real artist.”

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Talented Tyler https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/talented-tyler https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/talented-tyler Talented Tyler

As a Lakeland College student, 2014 graduate Tyler Holman exceled in multiple disciplines of art. His amazing work included sculpting, painting with oils and acrylics, drawing with graphite and charcoal, photography, graphic design and much, much more.

Tyler’s capstone senior exhibit was a spectacular display of artistic diversity, and his website, atylerholmanproject.com, showcases this vast talent.

“I’m always looking for opportunities to explore new experiences,” Tyler says.

Indeed, since he graduated in May, Tyler has branched out in many different, interesting ways, such as entering a world-wide Godzilla movie poster contest (he was a finalist) and creating a billboard for Lakeland College that is now on display on Highway 42 in Howards Grove.

Click the following link to check out his Godzilla poster (his is the first poster on the second row):


Also, visit our Facebook page for an album that includes a picture of the billboard, a photo of Tyler and more:

https://www.facebook.com/LakelandCollegeWI .

“I love to help promote things I care about through my art,” Tyler says. “I feel accomplished about the billboard, and I am very happy to help Lakeland any way I can.”

Tyler was invited to showcase his work at a prestigious art show in Madison this Friday (Oct. 10), something he’s very excited about, and he got good reviews after entering the world-wide Hiiibrand graphic design contest:


“My art is not meant to impress others,” he says. “It’s about growing as an individual and empowering yourself to do what feels right. Art is relaxing, therapeutic in a sense. There’s no correct or incorrect way to create art, and that’s why I enjoy it so much. It’s about having your voice within your work. It’s a way of being heard.”

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Presnell-Weidner's work honored https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/presnell-weidner-s-work-honored https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/presnell-weidner-s-work-honored Presnell-Weidner's work honored

Lakeland’s faculty members continue to be recognized for their talents.

Denise Presnell-Weidner, associate professor of art, recently had two pieces accepted into competitive exhibitions.

“Water Ripple #2,” an ink monotype, was accepted into “Expanding Borders: ONU Regional Art Exhibition,” which will run Sept. 28-Oct. 31 at the Strickler Gallery on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill. The exhibition will feature work from artists living in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky.

Presnell-Weidner will also have a painting, “Meandering Reflections,” in “Bold Expressions 2014,” a nationally competitive exhibition being held Sept. 30-Oct. 25 at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in Carmichael, Calif.


Meandering Reflections











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Lakeland artists shine https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-artists-shine https://www.lakeland.edu/lakeland-college-blog/lakeland-artists-shine Self-drawing by Katie LaPlaunt

Lakeland's art community had a strong showing at the opening reception and awards ceremony for the Alive in the Arts at the Plymouth Arts Center. The Lakeland College community was well represented with a total of 11 works of art from the following students or grads:

  • Sally Carson- photograph
  • Tyler Holman- sculpture
  • Katie LaPlaunt- drawing
  • Brent Villarreal- lithograph
  • Renjie Zhou- pastel
  • Marie Hetzel- colored pencil

Also represented were three paintings by associate professor of art Bill Weidner and one painting and one lithograph by Associate Professor of Art Denise Presnell-Weidner. Weidner won an Award of Merit for Hershey's Last Meal, an acrylic on illustration board. Presnell-Weidner won an Award of Merit for Annual Anarchy, an oil on canvas.

The exhibition runs through August 1.

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