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More and more high school teachers, administrators and students are taking advantage of Lakeland's popular Concurrent Academic Progress Program (CAPP). The benefits of this program are many, and they're addressed in the following questions and answers.

What is CAPP?

  • CAPP is an accredited program offered to high schools by Lakeland College.
  • CAPP classes are pre-qualified and allow high schools to offer Lakeland College credit and high school credit for the same class.

Why is CAPP beneficial for teachers and administrators?

  • This program helps encourage high school students to begin thinking about college.
  • A student's first college credits are earned under the guidance of high school teachers.
  • Since a college grade and credit is earned, students are motivated to do their best work.

Which students qualify for CAPP courses?

  • Academically-sound students with teacher approval. (Note: No minimum ACT score is required.)

Why is CAPP beneficial for high school students?

  • The benefit of a college grade and credit motivates students to work diligently in class.
  • The CAPP experience helps prepare students for college coursework.
  • The student's final grade reflects achievement on each exam and assignment and is recorded on a Lakeland College transcript.
  • CAPP offers college credit courses at a reduced price. Three- and four-credit classes are available.
  • Credits are transferrable. Most colleges will accept CAPP credits since Lakeland College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
  • Students can get a jump on college during high school.
  • Students can earn as many CAPP credits as offered by their high school.

How are CAPP courses different from AP courses?

  • Final CAPP course grades are determined by results on exams and assignments throughout the semester. Final letter grades are recorded on a Lakeland College transcript.
  • AP courses only earn college credit through the final exam. No letter grades are recorded.

How can other courses qualify for CAPP?

  • Most courses taught by teachers with a master's degree qualify for CAPP credit.
  • Course content must meet NCA accreditation standards.
  • Lakeland College professors assist high school teachers as needed to obtain course accreditation.
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