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Sample housing forms are available below for information purposes only. Once you commit to Lakeland College, the actual housing forms will be sent to you, along with the necessary health forms.

Moving In Information/Residence Life Q&A

Moving Out Information


Important Check-Out Information for All Residents

ALL residents who check out of their rooms during the semester or are changing rooms MUST contact their Residence Hall Director and turn in old room key or face possible improper check-out fee ($50.00). Also, please adhere to the following tips to avoid possible charges:

ALL personal items need to be out of the room BEFORE you check-out.

ALL pictures, posters, wall hangings need to be taken down BEFORE you check-out.

ALL damages need to be discussed with roommate BEFORE you check-out.

ALL Residents not staying for May Term must schedule a check-out time with their RA or it is assumed you are opting for the Express Check-out option (please use envelope provided by RA) BEFORE Tuesday, April 20, 2010.


Below are things to do or to discuss with roommates.

  • Remove marks from carpets, walls, doors, furniture, etc. to avoid charges.
  • Discuss who is responsible for damages. All roommates should be present during the checkout process to inform your RA who is responsible for what damages. (If all roommates cannot be present during the checkouts, a list should be provided to your RA of damages acknowledging who is responsible with ALL roommates signing.) If this is not done, all damages will be evenly divided by all roommates.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas.


  • Empty and dust all drawers.
  • Dust top of dresser, desk, bookshelves.
  • ALL trash needs to be disposed of properly. ALL unwanted furniture needs to be taken directly to the appropriate dumpsters.
  • Have all personal belongings removed from your room. You will be charged if any belongings are left behind.
  • Make sure you have all of your personal belongings out of common areas. (closets, storage closets, etc.)
  • If you are the last person to check-out of the room:
    • Close ALL windows and blinds.
    • Turn off lights and disconnect ALL electric plugs.

You should have all of this completed BEFORE your RA arrives to check you out. Your hall director will use the inventory form you filled out when you moved in as a means of evaluating room damages. If you did not complete these forms at the beginning of the year, you will be responsible for any and all damages to your living unit.

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