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The business administration major, the central program of Lakeland's Business Administration Division, produces graduates with this wide range of skills and expertise. Its core set of classes introduces students to the major fields within business and economics, while requiring students to "focus" on a particular area of business through their choice of an emphasis.

Students thus graduate with essential competencies in business administration, as well as focused understanding of one key area.

Students who major in Business Administration will be able to:

Business Administrationat Lakeland College

  • utilize the central principles of business and business administration, ranging from key theories and issues to specialized rules and operations;
  • understand the structures and institutions of the American and world economic systems, specifically as they relate to the business world;
  • comprehend the various ways in which people use their resources to achieve personal, business, and social objectives;
  • communicate business and economic information to stakeholders in a clear and professional manner; and
  • appreciate and abide by the ethical and legal rules by which business entities relate to one another and to society.


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Business Administration Major Requirements (45-51 semester hours)

  • ACC 210 Financial Accounting Principles
  • ACC 220 Managerial Accounting Principles
  • BUS 301 Management Information Systems
  • BUS 330 Management Principles
  • BUS 340 Principles of Business Finance
  • BUS 350 Marketing Principles
  • BUS 410 Business Law I
  • BUS 491 Business Policy and Strategy (Writing Intensive)
  • ECN 220 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECN 230 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MAT 220 Probability and Statistics
  • Plus the completion of at least one emphasis from the list

Business Economics (12 credits)

  • ECN 360 Money, Banking and National Income
  • ECN 361 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • ECN 362 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • BUS 309 Healthcare Economics OR
    ECN 301 Economics of Sports OR
    ECN 365 International Economics

Finance (15 credits)

  • BUS 365 Personal Financial Management
  • BUS 366 Global Financial Markets
  • BUS 424 Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • BUS 437 Investment Finance
  • ECN 360 Money, Banking and National Income

Forensic/Fraud Emphasis (18 credits)

  • ACC 265 Fraud Investigation I
  • ACC 365 Fraud Investigation II
  • CPS 200 Programming I
  • CPS 250 Information Security & Forensics I
  • CRJ 140 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 345 Criminal Law

Healthcare Management (12 credits)

  • BUS 305 Survey of the U.S. Healthcare System
  • BUS 308 Healthcare Financial Management
  • BUS 309 Healthcare Economics
  • BUS 422 Healthcare Law and Ethics

Hospitality Management (12 credits)

    • BUS 211 Introduction to Hospitality Management

Choice of any 3 (9 credits) from the following:

  • BUS 312 Facilities Planning and Management
  • BUS 313 Hospitality Human Resource Management
  • BUS 314 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • BUS 315 Food and Beverage Management
  • BUS 316 Accommodations Management
  • BUS 335 Study Abroad in Business

Human Resource Management (12 credits)

  • BUS380 Human Resource Management or BUS313 Hospitality Human Resource Management
  • BUS 466 Human Resource Development
  • BUS 467 Compensation and Benefits
  • BUS 468Employee and Labor Relations

Insurance Emphasis (15 credits)

  • BUS 325 The Insurance Industry
  • BUS 424 Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • BUS 440 Personal Insurance Lines
  • BUS 441 Commercial Insurance Lines I
  • BUS 442 Commercial Insurance Lines II

International Business (12 credits)

  • BUS 284 Principles of International Business
  • BUS 370 Intercultural Communications OR
    BUS 335 Study Abroad in Business
  • BUS 474 International Laws and Regulations
  • ECN 365 International Economics

Management (12 credits)

  • BUS 425 Retail Management
  • BUS 445 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • BUS 455 Entrepreneurial Management
  • BUS 380 Human Resources Management

Nonprofit Management (12 credits)

  • NPO 140 Introduction for Nonprofit Organizations
  • NPO 330 Managing Nonprofit Organizations
  • NPO 365 Fundraising
  • NPO 473 Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Sport Management (15 credits)

  • ESS 144 Introduction to Sport Studies
  • ESS 315 Sport Marketing and Promotion
  • ESS 324 Programming of Athletic Facilities and Events
  • ESS 410 Organization and Management of Sport Programs
  • ECN 301 Economics of Sports OR
    ESS 450 Essentials of Ethics and Law in Sport

Courses selected to meet this requirement may not be used to meet requirements of another business major or minor. Courses selected from divisions other than the Business Administration Division may be used to satisfy this requirement-contact the chair of the Business Administration Division or the Registrar for approval.

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The Business Administration Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is currently offered at all of the Lakeland College Centers, and through Lakeland College Online™. Most courses are also offered BlendEd®.

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