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The field of economics has been called "the science of choice" — the systematic study of how people use scarce resources to get the things they want. This science doesn't take place in a remote laboratory, however, but on every corner of our economic world.

It addresses the biggest issues of global markets and national tax policy and the smallest everyday decisions about how we will spend our time and money. Whether one is thinking about governments, businesses, or households, our students understand that economic literacy is a must.

Students minoring in Economics are provided a strong foundation in economic theory, while having opportunities to explore practical decision-making situations from the business world. As part of a liberal arts curriculum, economics teaches critical thinking at its most fundamental level, challenging students to question how we assign value to the things in our lives.


Associate Professor of Business Administration
Charlotte and Walter Kohler Charitable Trust, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Director of the MBA Program

(Not Available to Business Division Majors)

    • ECN 220 Principles of macroeconomics
    • ECN 230 Principles of microeconomics
    • ECN 361 Intermediate macroeconomics
    • ECN 362 Intermediate microeconomics

Two from the following:

    • BUS 309 Healthcare Economics
    • ECN 301 The Economics of Sports
    • ECN 360 Money, Banking and National Income
    • ECN 365 International Economics


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