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Psychology is a broad discipline that employs the methods of scientific inquiry as it observes, describes and explores the brain's role in emotion, thought and behavior. Students in the psychology program are called upon to think critically and creatively as they examine how organisms adapt to their surroundings through biological, social, emotional, perceptual and cognitive capacities. Students learn to become clear communicators, attentive listeners and dynamic and sensitive problem solvers.

An undergraduate degree in psychology will prepare students for careers in human services as well as for graduate school programs in psychology, counseling, social work or law.

Students who major in psychology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and historical trends in psychology
  • Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis and interpretation
  • Respect and use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry and the scientific approach to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes
  • Understand and apply psychological principles to personal, social and organizational issues
  • Weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically and reflect other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a discipline

Snapshot of Success

Name: Cindi Schaefer

Hometown: Rockford, Ill.

Title: Student support services counselor/advisor; graduate student (education)

Business: University of South Florida

Cindi knew her calling. Lakeland College, and its psychology program, reaffirmed what she had long felt in her heart.

“For me, it’s always been about helping people,” she says.

That’s exactly what she’s doing now, and what she plans to do for many years to come.

Cindi, a 2012 Lakeland College grad, takes classes full-time and teaches two classes as a teaching assistant at South Florida, where she counsels incoming conditional undergrad students as they try to gain permanent fall enrollment.

“I consider myself a life skills coach,” says Cindi, whose graduate schooling is paid for by USF.

Her compassion and hard work have paid off. One young man arrived as an immature freshman who acted inappropriately in class and was on the verge of being dismissed. Cindi saw something in him and convinced the administration to give him another chance.

“He’s turned it around, and now he’s going to be a real leader on this campus,” Cindi says. “He went through a transformation, and that’s really cool for me, knowing I helped.”

Cindi’s long-term goals include earning a Ph.D. by the time she’s 30, working as a dean of students at a small Midwestern college or university and continuing to answer her calling. She looks back at her time at Lakeland fondly, and praises her professors for helping her land internships at the Safe Harbor domestic violence shelter in Sheboygan and pushing her to “get out of my comfort zone.”

“I just hope someday I can give back to a place like Lakeland as much as Lakeland gave to me,” she says. “I simply can’t say enough good things about Lakeland. People may not have heard about it, or know where it is, but honestly, it changed my life.”

Recent Grads, Real Careers

Listed below are just some of the careers Lakeland College psychology students from recent graduating classes have landed:

  • Youth advocate/street outreach, Project Youth/LSS
  • Pre-vocational instructor, RCS Empowers
  • Student support services counselor/advisor, University of South Florida
  • Resident care worker, Willowglen Academy
  • Substance abuse counselor, AIDS Research Center of Wisconsin
  • Autism therapist, Phoenix Behavioral Health Services
  • Customer service representative, Humana
  • Line therapist, Wisconsin Early Autism Project
  • Services and shelter coordinator, Sheboygan County Safe Harbor
  • Direct support professional, Glenkirk
  • Validation analyst, Abbott Pharmaceuticals
  • Mental health specialist, Allendale Association
  • Independent living assistant, Homes for Independent Living

Listed below are some of the internships Lakeland College psychology students have landed during their stay at Lakeland:

  • Bridgeway House - Sheboygan, Wis.
  • Open Door Drop-In Center - Sheboygan, Wis.
  • Safe Harbor - Sheboygan, Wis.
  • Sustainable Living Group - Elkhart Lake, Wis.
  • Willowglen Academy - Plymouth, Wis.


Assistant Professor of Psychology
Professor of Education & Psychology, & Director of Graduate Education Programs
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair, Social Sciences Division & Professor of Psychology

Psychology Major (40 semester hours)

  • PSY 200 General Psychology
  • MATP 221 Statistics for Psychology
  • PSY 340 Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 463 History and Systems of Psychology (WI)
  • And the completion of at least one area of emphasis

Brain and Behavior Emphasis

  • PSY 305 Health Psychology
  • PSY 362 Cognitive Psychology (WI)
  • PSY 411 Biological Psychology
  • PSY 417 Drugs and Behavior
  • The completion of six additional PSY, PSYS, EDUP, or SOCP elective courses. One of the electives must be from the Clinical/Counseling Emphasis.

Clinical/Counseling Emphasis

  • PSY 350 Child Psychology OR EDUP 330 Human Growth and Development
  • PSY 372 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 408 Psychological Testing
  • PSY 420 Positive Psychology
  • The completion of six additional PSY, PSYS, EDUP, or SOCP elective courses. One of the electives must be from the Brain and Behavior Emphasis.

Psychology Minor (21 semester hours)

  • PSY 200 General Psychology
  • PSY 321 Personality Theories OR
    SOCP 220 Social Psychology
  • PSY 362 Cognitive Psychology (WI) OR
    PSY 411 Biological Psychology
  • PSY 372 Abnormal Psychology OR
    PSY 350 Child Psychology OR
    EDUP 330 Human Growth and Development

In addition to the required courses selected, students will select any three additional PSY or PSYS courses.

Psychology Minor for Early Adolescence through Adolescence Education Certification (grades 6-12) (29 semester hours)

For Early Adolescence through Adolescence Education Certification (grades 6-12) in combination with a certifiable major

  • PSY 200 General Psychology
  • PSY 321 Personality Theories
  • PSY 362 Cognitive Psychology (WI)
  • PSY 372 Abnormal Psychology
  • EDUP 330 Human Growth and Development
  • EDUP 375 Field Experience in Psychology for Education Majors (1 semester hour)
  • EDUP 432 Survey of the Exceptional Person
  • MAT 220 Probability and Statistics
  • SOCP 220 Social Psychology
  • SOCP 335 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (4 semester hours)

Teacher Certification

To qualify for teaching certification at the Early Adolescence through Adolescence level (grades 6-12), a student must complete a certifiable Early Adolescence through Adolescence major, the Early Adolescence through Adolescence Professional Sequence, the courses listed above, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's (DPI) statutory requirements.


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