Lakeland College - Home - Lakeland College Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:54:26 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-us webmaster [AT] lakeland [DOT] edu (Lakeland College) Alumni Awards & Nominations Each year the Lakeland College Alumni Association honors distinguished alumni and community members for their achievements. While we are able to tell many of our Lakeland success stories, we rely on our alumni to help us identify stories we may have missed along the way. All nominations are reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Ambassadors, and up to three awards are presented each year.

The President's Richard C. Preuhs `65 Award

Criteria: Must be an alumnus of (Mission House) Lakeland College. Must have been an employee of the College after graduation. Must have shown extraordinary commitment to the mission of the College. Must have noteworthy achievements in fostering student success, campus community or stewardship of campus resources

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Professional Achievement Award

Criteria: Be an alumnus of (Mission House) Lakeland College. Have achieved national, state, or regional recognition for outstanding achievement in his/her profession

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Service to the College Award

Criteria: Be an alumnus of (Mission House) Lakeland College. Have demonstrated excellent service to the college in at least two or more of the following: student recruitment, financial support, leadership in the LCAA, volunteer support of college programs, administrative/teaching efforts as an employee of the college, internships and/or job placement.

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Service to the Community Award

Criteria: Be an alumnus of (Mission House) Lakeland College. Performed outstanding service as a volunteer in their community and/or civic organizations. Be an individual that supports the Mission Statement of Lakeland College through his/her volunteer efforts.

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Honorary Alumni Award

Criteria:Perform service to Lakeland College, church, and or community, in two or more of the following areas: leadership in voluntary organizations, sustaining financial support, contribution of special skills.

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Outstanding Faculty Award

Criteria:Current full-time faculty members must have taught at Lakeland for five consecutive years. Current part-time faculty members must have taught at Lakeland for eight consecutive years. Have received special recognition either through the college community (Underkoffer Award, Fessler Professorship, etc.) or from outside organizations. Have shown concern for students over and above classroom duties through volunteer work with student organizations.

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Outstanding Recent Alumni Award

Criteria: Be an alumnus of Lakeland College. Graduated within the last 10 years. Has outstanding achievements in his/her profession. Has remained connected to Lakeland College and assisted with college-related activities.

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Outstanding Recent Alumni recipients 2005: Shannon Kring Buset `96
2010: Lori Neurohr `01

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Outstanding Faculty recipients 1980: Joseph Bauer
1981: Robert Voight
1982: W. Henry Ellerbusch
1983: Edgar Thiessen
1984: Clarence Schmidt `27
1987: William Welti `36
1997: Mehraban Khodavandi
1998: Jonathan Thorndike
2001: Richard Wixon
2002: Jeff Elzinga
2004: Keith Striggow
2011: Lucretia Crawford ’80

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Honorary Alumni recipients 1976: Catherine Krueger H `76
1985: Loren Tiede H `85
1986: Harvey Schnell H `85
1987: George Schoneman H `87
1987: Ruth Schoneman
1988: William S. Hatten H `88
1988: J. Garland Schilcutt H `88
1989: LaVerne Hoerig H `89
1990: Art Perry H `90
1991: Harold Mais H `91
1992: Wayne Warnecke H `92
1993: William Kellett H `94
1994: Duane (Moose) Woltzen H `94
1994: Dona Woltzen
1999: Lucile Fessler H `99
2000: Raymond Karsteadt H `00
2001: Ruth C. Nash H `01
2002: Terry & Mary Kohler H `02
2003: Judith Wehmeyer H `03
2005: William & Phyllis Younger H `05
2006: Rev. David Lauer H `06
2006: Karen Kampmann H `06
2007: Dr. Mike Devaney H`07
2010: Vernon Wernecke H`10
2013: Alice Senty H`10
2013: Hugh Denison H`10

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Service to the Community recipients 1985: Lester Smith `27
1986: James Roenitz `74
1987: Quentin Moeschberger `46
1988: Harold Roeder `35
1989: Christine (Verhulst) Waters `65
1990: Vernon Jaberg `44
1991: Richard Ensweiler `63
1992: Mimi (Ehrlich) Wilson `67
2002: Calvin J. Schaub `60
2004: Robert Gartzke `50
2008: Thomas Leonhard `70
2009: Will Mathes `61
2010: David Michael `63
2011: Erin Balleine ’00
2011: Don Martineau ’68

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Service to the College recipients 1975: Al Seefeldt `63
1976: Dick Preuhs `65
1977: Ralph Mueller `58
1977: Diane (Danner) Mueller `57
1979: Paul Gander `52
1979: Marilyn (Jonas) Gander `52
1980: Roger Eisentraut `49
1981: Ed Worthman `46
1982: Reinhard Ulrich `51
1982: Helen (Neuhaus) Ulrich `52
1983: Louis Grossen `51
1984: Tom Kieckhafer `60
1985: Ron Knoener `69
1986: Lewis Schmidt `58
1987: Ralph Ley `36
1987: Ruth (Flueckinger) Ley `38
1988: Harvey Kandler `55
1989: Wendy (Eckhardt) Bemis `73
1989: John McCullough
1991: Lyle Krueger `64
1993: Palmer J. Smith `63
1997: Peter Reddin `68
1998: Rev. Robert Johnston `53
2001: Clarence Mueller `84
2003: Allen Wangemann `55
2004: George Schowalter `52
2005: April Arvan `93 MEd `95
2007: Rick Gaumer `74
2008: Mark J. Miller `78 
2009: Joel Schuler `80
2010: Edward Michael `95
2011: Floyd Henschel ’60
2013: Terry Thiessen `70

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Professional Achievement recipients 1975: Dave Wacker `62
1976: Ralph Ley `36
1977: Elmer Homrighausen `21
1977: Louis Gunnemann `32
1978: Mitchell Whiterabbit `42
1979: William Lehmann `10
1980: Donald Buchhold `52
1981: Caroll Rusch `35
1982: Helen (Strassburger) Boatwright `37
1983: James Dillman `40
1984: Warren Young `69
1985: Christopher McNaughton `66
1985: Caroll Olm `46
1986: Harvey Radke `60
1987: Joe Wyckoff `50
1988: John Krueger `60
1989: Calvin Potter `68
1990: Albert Reiss `43
1991: Al Hovey, Jr. `66
1992: Ronald Foster `65
1993: Rueben Grosshuesch `43
1994: Harold Gries `65
1995: Floyd Henschel `60
1996: Dr. Frieda Grossen Meier `56
1997: Dr. David Frank Grether `42
1998: Debra (Sinckinger) Lins `79
1999: Robert Keebler `82
2000: Margaret Schultz `55
2003: Lola (Schnell) Roeh `73
2008: Rev. Harvey Kandler `55
2010: Irv Kaage `73
2010: Barbara Steinberg `73
2011: Karl and Brenda Schleunes ’59 ’61


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The President's Richard C. Preuhs '65 Award recipients 2007: Dick Preuhs `65
2009: Allen Wangemann `55 

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Gratitude Week 2014

phi-lan-thro-py n. (fî-lãn'thrö-pê)
The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind.

Since 1862, dedicated members of the Lakeland community have given back to ensure the success of the college and its students. Year after year, alumni and friends from around the world express their passion and appreciation for Lakeland College by generously supporting the creation of opportunities for students, faculty and staff that benefit the main campus, the college's centers around the state of Wisconsin and reach into the homes of online students. This sense of philanthropy goes beyond the items that we can see and touch; it includes the time and effort spent by those who make Lakeland an extraordinary place.

This week, we invite you to pause to express your "Attitude of Gratitude" by recognizing the gifts around you, and letting someone know how much you appreciate their work as part of the Lakeland family. Visit the Gratitude Week 2014 Facebook page to see what the people who live, work, and study at Lakeland College are grateful for, and to post your own expression of gratitude! The best photo or short video will be recognized on the OFFICIAL Lakeland College social media pages and featured in the next Muskie Flash e-mail publication. Individual and group expressions are encouraged, although we ask that you please keep video lengths under one minute.

Students, staff and faculty on campus are also invited to visit Bossard Hall during lunch hours to create a personalized THANK YOU message to be sent to those who have made a difference in your Lakeland experience. Showcase your "Attitude of Gratitude" today!

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Why We Give - Sharon Donath

While driving through rural Sheboygan County en route to Lakeland College one late summer morning, Sharon Donath glanced through her window at a field of robust, thriving soybean plants.

“I couldn’t help but think, just as the fertile soil near Lakeland College helps plants grow, fertile minds have long been cultivated at Lakeland College,” she said. “We needed a little fertilizer and some water, but at Lakeland, we all bloomed.”

To say Lakeland College is important to Robert and Sharon Donath is to understate the impact the school has had on their lives. They met at Mission House, where both graduated in 1952 before getting married. Their daughter, Deborah Ansay, is a Lakeland College graduate and current member of the Board of Trustees, and two nephews are also Lakeland grads.

“Lakeland is a family affair, and it’s such a wonderful place,” says Sharon with a big smile. “Everyone knew each other, and we all made such deep, lasting, lifelong friendships. If I’d have gone to Madison, I’d have been home in a month, because I’d have been lost in the swim of things. At Lakeland, it’s like going to a favorite aunt’s house.”

Robert and Sharon are so fond of their Lakeland memories, they help ensure that many young people experience similar journeys. Through their generous donations, the Donaths continuously help fund scholarships for students with financial needs.

“Anytime you can help someone get a good education, that’s worthwhile and it feels good,” says Robert.

After serving his country in World War II, Robert weighed his options. Thanks to the G.I. Bill, he was able to attend Lakeland – an experience that shaped his life in ways he never imagined back then.

“But not everyone was fortunate enough to be able to go to school on the G.I. Bill,” says Sharon.

So the Donaths have funded need-based scholarships for more than a dozen Lakeland students. They’ve received Christmas cards from many of them for years.

“Lakeland College is the best place you can put your money,” Sharon says. “It’s a wonderful investment, because you get so many great returns.”

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